Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties, & Retirement Parties

Ice Cream Truck Rental For Parties

Are you in charge of hosting a special celebration for a momentous occasion and wondering how to make it special? Celebrate with ice cream! Birthday parties, holiday parties, and even retirement parties will be more memorable with a classic ice cream truck packed with frozen treats. What child wouldn’t love to have their birthday celebrated with a Cool Cow ice cream truck that plays music and provides kids with the most popular character-themed treats? We know you don’t think ice cream is just for kids! Imagine hosting an upcoming retirement party with the addition of an ice cream truck that provides nostalgic favorites and even boozy ice cream flavors. 

Our Cool Cow trucks offer over 40 different styles of novelty ice cream for your special party. Guests can choose from classic frozen treats, popsicles, snow cones, character-themed treats, and liquor-infused ice cream. Alongside all your favorite packaged frozen treats, we now offer vanilla and chocolate soft serve ice cream with all your favorite toppings. There’s something for everyone and no party-goer will be disappointed. From first birthday parties to college graduation parties, holiday parties, and retirement parties, ice cream makes every party a truly special event.

Catering your party with a Cool Cow ice cream truck rental is easy. All you have to do is tell us when to show up and where to park, and we take care of the rest. We set it up, scoop and serve, and take care of cleanup. You can concentrate on hosting the most memorable party of the year and trying all your favorite flavors of ice cream. 

Customize our Ice Cream Trucks with your Logos and Artwork to give your events that more authentic feel!

Cool Cow Ice Cream is Boston, MA based, and we provide truck rentals for events and parties in Boston, Metro West, North Shore, South Shore, and Southern New Hampshire. We provide ice cream truck rentals 365 days a year. Planning a celebratory party or hoping to throw the most memorable holiday party of the year? Get in touch to book your Cool Cow ice cream truck rental right away.