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Giving Back & Building Stronger Communities

Create Sweet Memories At Your Next
Fundraiser Or Charity Event

Create Sweet Memories At Your Next Fundraiser Or Charity Event

Join Cool Cow Ice Cream’s fundraisers for a blast of fun and mouthwatering ice cream flavors while supporting local charities. Treat your guests to delightful treats, engage in awesome activities, and make great memories while making a positive impact in the community. Come scoop up happiness and contribute to a meaningful cause!

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Why Choose Us for Your Fundraiser?

Positive Impact
Choosing Cool Cow Ice Cream for your fundraiser creates a positive impact by spreading joy and fostering a sense of togetherness among attendees, making it a memorable and meaningful event for all.
Unique and Memorable
Offering an ice cream experience sets your fundraiser apart from traditional events, creating a memorable and enjoyable atmosphere for participants. Ice cream is a universally loved treat, making it a popular choice that will attract more attendees and potential donors to your fundraiser.
Customization Options
Tailor the ice cream offerings to align with your fundraiser's theme or branding, adding a personalized touch to the event.
Professional Service
Our experienced team ensures seamless setup, operation, and service, allowing you to focus on fundraising efforts without any worries.
Flexible Packages
Cool Cow provides a range of customizable party packages, catering to different budgets and party sizes. With the flexibility to choose the package that best suits your needs, planning your event becomes stress-free and well-organized, ensuring a delightful and memorable experience for all.
Unmatched Variety
Impress your guests with an array of Cool Cow's novelty ice cream treats, including classic frozen favorites, popsicles, snow cones, character-themed delights, and even liquor-infused ice cream, infusing your fundraiser with excitement and fun.

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Delightful Ice Cream Delights for Fundraisers and Charity Events! Treat your attendees to premium flavors and mouthwatering toppings, creating a memorable experience for a great cause. Book now and add a sweet touch to your event!

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Ice Cream Fundraiser Events - Cool Cow Ice Cream

Cool Cow Ice Cream is a Boston, MA based company eager to cater your next fundraiser or charity event. As New England’s premier ice cream truck caterer, we service events in Boston, North Shore, Metro West, the South Shore, and Southern New Hampshire. Planning a fundraiser event? Make it one that everyone will be talking about. Contact us to schedule your Cool Cow Ice Cream truck rental right away.

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Cool Cow Ice Cream Trucks offer a diverse selection of over 40 novelty ice cream treats. Our menu guarantees a delightful experience for all ice cream enthusiasts during your special occasion.

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Marisa MacDonald
Marisa MacDonald
This was my second time working with Cool Cow Ice Cream for a company event and there will definitely be more! So easy to work with and stress-free planning/execution. Major hit with my employees and the company is a pleasure to work with. Thank you Cool Cow team!!
Liz Berman
Liz Berman
I got Cool Cow Ice Cream as a surprise for my son's high school graduation party. Everyone, kids and adults alike, LOVED it...the adults loved the boozy ice creams and everyone loved all the fun novelties. Domenic was super friendly and provided great customer service, as did John leading up to the event. I would highly recommend them for any special occasion!
Vanessa Bassett
Vanessa Bassett
We hired Cool Cow for an event and cannot say enough good things about Cool Cow and John. John was easy to work and very responsive. The truck arrived on time, was clean and had so many varieties of flavors of ice cream it was hard to choose!
Dorothy Cronin
Dorothy Cronin
I can't say enough good things. Cool Cow was the hit of my 3 year old's birthday party (at a public playground), and John was a pleasure to work with. The kids were so excited, and the grownups loved the adult ice cream options. Chocolate whiskey and vanilla bourbon were big hits! ๐Ÿ™‚
Paula Goss
Paula Goss
Mission of Deeds has hired Cool Cow to provide delicious treats to our fall fundraising event for the past two years. We have been very happy with their service and plan on using them again in the future!
Mariah Picillo
Mariah Picillo
John was great to work with and the ice cream truck played the classic tune when they arrived. They had all our favorite novelty ice creams and some adult choices as well. Would definitely recommend.
Jen Cruz
Jen Cruz
Cool Cow Ice Cream was such an incredible addition to our community block party- everyone loved being able to go to a REAL ice cream truck! John was great to work with and I would highly suggest him for any events you might be planning.
The Cool Cow team did an amazing job at my little one's birthday party this weekend. Not only did they show up early but they made sure the entire party had a chance to stop by the truck for some ice cream. Couldn't of ask for more from them and it was a huge hit!!
Kids loved the ice cream and the experience of having an ice cream truck come to a birthday party!